Recruit For Kamiyamajuku 2017th | KATALOG
Recruit For Kamiyamajuku 2017th

Recruit For Kamiyamajuku 2017th

穴井 祐介
穴井 祐介


Hi, this is Yusuke.

According to the Japanese calendar of this year, summer season has been since the 5th of May.
Today’s topic is an advertisement for recruiting members of Kamiyamajuku.



Two Training Courses

Garden of a Japanese old house “Yamanba” which is one of the class fields of both courses.

The Human Resource Development Program for Local Revitalization has started  in Tokushima prefecture since 2015.
The purpose of this program is development for local revitalizing coordinators, ICT technologist, branding adviser and so on,which is organized by private enterprises.
Its trainees can get salary so that this program is easy to participate for inexperienced people.

We RELATION inc. started Kamiyamajuku from 2010, which mainly urban young people learn lifestyle and wisdom of locals.
The trainees of Kamiyamajuku make their own ideal lifestyle in between Kamiyamajuku term.
Actually, Japanese social problem is depopulation of rural area, and mosts of young people would live and work at urban area. However, this is because local Japanese lifestyle has hints for making next Japanese society.
The number of graduates is 105 in the 8 terms, and after their Kamiyamajuku term about half of the graduates settled in Kamiyama town from the other prefecture.
This year, the second term of KATALOG course will start from July, and also the ninth term of Kamiyamajuku will start from September.

The difference of these courses.

◇KATALOG course 2nd.
Term: From July to the end of January
Based area: Tokushima city
Stay area: Tokushima city recommended
Number of trainees: 8
Program: Based on the program of Kamiyamajuku and advance course.
Mainly coordination of local problem and branding for local characteristics.
Examples: Planning and organizing of events for local revitalization using local resources.
Making PR magazines featured local characteristics.


◇Kamiyamajuku 9th.
Term: From September to the end of January
Based area: Kamiyama town
Stay area: Kamiyama town recommended
Number of trainees: 12
Programs:  Staying and learning in Kamiyama town.
Joining to local activities and holding events featured local characteristics, for thinking ideal each lifestyle.
Examples: Planning events based on local characteristics.
Joining local activities. Group discussion.


”Ideal Myself” and “How To Be”

Terrace fields of Brassica rapa which is hte depth of Kamiyama.
Terrace fields of Brassica rapa which is hte depth of Kamiyama.

I hope trainees would always think about what definition “ideal myself” is.
I mean “ideal myself” is how lifestyle you want to get, why you work or something like a vision in the future.
And also, “how to be” stands for qualifications and skills which make you achieve targets.

We organizers wouldn’t teach trainees something magic for local revitalization.
I believe that Kamiyamajuku should be a learning field for trainees to make relationships amongst locals.
Trainees can stick to the detail of their own “ideal myself”, and I am happy to elaborate them together.

Honestly, my standard to decide for the future was “social stereotype” when I was 20s. This is why I chose how difficult university to enter and how famous brand the company has.
However, I never regret what I chose because I am satisfied by being myself.
I just changed the definition of “ideal myself” for having experiences as a business person.


Our Aim is Enhance of Each Characteristics

image shots of kamiyamajuku.
image shots of kamiyamajuku.

We always respect the diversity.
The number of Kamiyamajuku 7th trainees is sixteen, which I joined.
The trainees had a wide range of career experiences.
For example, a trainee was a business person working for listed company, and other trainee had experience of study abroad.
One of the trainees who had worked as a gardener was good at picking sudachi cytras.
So, I think everyone has many chances to show each strong points during Kamiyamajuku term.
Especially, who has following characteristics might be animated.

*Like to cooperate each other to work.
*Want to spent slow lifetime and make own lifestyle.
*Searching a trial field for future works.
*Like difference, enjoy diversity.

Above characteristics are just my image of trainees at this moment, not necessary conditions.
I hope you to contact us if you are interested in.


穴井 祐介

穴井 祐介